Foam Fire Sprinkler Test at Helicopter Hangar

Check out F.E. Moran Fire Protection's foam fire sprinkler test that took place in a helicopter hangar in Kankakee. 

3-Step Obstruction Flushing | Fire Sprinkler Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance 

This is a 3-step process for completing an obstruction flushing after an inspection shows foreign material in the fire sprinkler pipes.

Bedford Park Fire:  A Case Study

We've created a short summary video of our latest case study, "Bedford Park Fire Case Study."  It showcases the importance of fire sprinklers in warehouses, and an example of a recent warehouse fire that was snuffed out quickly by perfectly maintained fire sprinklers.  It also features how we quickly brought the fire sprinklers back online, keeping the warehouse protected.

Ask for Home Fire Sprinklers - check out this commercial on HGTV!

HFSC Side-by-Side Demo

The nonprofit Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition's (HFSC) spokesperson Ron Hazelton demonstrates the dramatic difference between two fires, one in a room protected by a single fire sprinkler, the other without a fire sprinkler. Deadly flashover occurs in the room without fire sprinkler protection in less than 2 minutes. In the other room, the fire sprinkler activates in less than 20 seconds, controlling and putting out the fire. Home fire sprinklers save lives. Learn more at

Side-by-Side Fire Sprinkler Burn Test

This side-by-side fire sprinkler burn test shows the difference between a fire in a room with no sprinklers and fire sprinklers.  Within three minutes the room without fire sprinklers was completely engulfed in flames.  In the room with sprinklers, the fire sprinklers operated within 30 seconds and had the fire in control in less than a minute.

After the burn tests, watch the Q&A to learn facts about extinguishing fires in new eco-friendly buildings.

Effective Fire Pump Test

F.E. Moran Fire Protection, National Commercial

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