University of Chicago Dorm by Jeanne Gang - Beautiful Curves

Posted: 10/17/2016

University of Chicago

Chicago, IL -- Have you seen the new University of Chicago dorm by Jeanne Gang?  The university added a touch of beauty to the dorm scene with this curvy, innovative design.  F.E. Moran Fire Protection is excited to have wrapped up the fire sprinkler project for this dorm (their second Gang project within the year), and to be forever a part of this architectural gem.

The dorm is actually four intertwined buildings.  The other dorms on campus are purple, canary yellow, and hot pink, often nicknamed "Barney," "Big Bird," and "Barbie."  These are among the boring gray limestone buildings that make up UIC's campus, but then, Gang's dorm came to the rescue.  It stands out for its height, curves, and white facade.

The building will hold 800 beds.  The buildings are intertwined with a 15, 11, and 5-story buildings.  The building also includes an outdoor room as a quad.  The quad brings together three buildings:  Gang's dorm, the Henry Crown Field House, and the Smart Museum of Art. 

Check out the time lapse video of the building. 

Contributor:  Robert Barcik, Senior Project Manager for F.E. Moran Fire Protection Northern Illinois 

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