Toaster the Cause of Retirement Home Fire, Fire Sprinklers Activated

Posted: 2/23/2016

Toaster the Cause of Retirement Home Fire | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Roseburg, OR -- A fire broke out at the Roseburg Retirement Home on Monday, but was quickly contained by the automatic sprinkler system.

At 7:30am on Monday, firefighters were dispatched to Linus Oakes Retirement Village.  When firefighters arrived, they found that the automatic sprinkler system had contained the fire to the kitchen.

A wheelchair bound resident was making toast.  It got stuck in the energized toaster and she tried to use a fork to remove it.  The toaster abruptly burst into flames that spread to the wall.  She exited the apartment to alert management.

The incident could have been worse.  Probing an energized toaster could have electrocuted the 82 year old.

Officials noted the automatic sprinkler system worked as designed.  It contained the fire damage to the kitchen and activated one sprinkler.  The apartment sustained a small amount of damage, but, because of the fire sprinklers, the smoke and fire damage to the rest of the building were minimized. 

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