Water-Based Systems

Water-based systems are becoming more advanced and varied. With emerging technology, facilities have numerous options to fit their specific needs. Each facility is unique and deserves custom solutions. While a retail center may benefit from a wet pipe system for a quick reaction, a library would fare better with a pre-action system to ensure the condition of housed materials. F.E. Moran Fire Protection has unmatched expertise in developing the best solution for each individual facility.

Chemical-Based Systems

The proper design and installation of these systems require extensive knowledge and expertise. F.E. Moran Fire Protection has been exclusively dedicated to the fire protection industry since its inception and is well-versed in designing systems that will best fit each facility's needs.

Fire Water Supply


Fire water supply is vital for any water-based fire suppression system. It is essential to choose a fire protection solution provider who is experienced in installing fire water supply. Expertise in specialized connections, system elements, and working with extreme pressure applications that could cause water hammers if not designed correctly is critical.

Detection Systems

Detection systems are tied closely with sprinkler systems. Without a proper detection system, fire protection is at risk. Implementing the correct detection system for a facility requires proficiency in current technology, environmental factors, and current industry requirements. F.E. Moran Fire Protection is dedicated to protecting facilities from a potentially disastrous fire event.






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