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"It didn't matter what size job we were doing, whether it was a small service job relocating heads, or brand new ground up buildings, their level of professionalism and attention to detail far outmatched their competitors," Luke G., Project Manager.

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Cold Storage Warehouse Fire Protection

Cold storage warehouses, distribution centers, and storage areas have special hazards and firecold storage warehouse fire protection needs not found in standard warehouses. During the years 2005 - 2009, approximately 1,310 fires ignited within warehouses in the United States ( Many were unprotected and were a complete financial loss.

Fire Protection Reaches New (Ceiling) Heights

The United States has more than 600,000 warehouses with an average of 17,400 square feet.  As business grows, the warehouse must grow with it.  Expanding the footprint of the building to accommodate a growing business is far more expensive than building up.  However, when a warehouse expands in height, fire protection becomes an issue.  In-rack sprinklers or ceiling fire sprinklers need to be able to reach wherever the fire is, and if pallets are stacked too high, they will inhibit the spray. 

Bedford Park Warehouse Fire Case Study

In the small town of Bedford Park, Illinois, 580 people live amongst sprawling industrial properties.  While the residents of Bedford Park were sleeping, a welder was doing maintenance on a semi-trailer at a local large commercial warehouse in the early morning hours.  What happened next, no one would have expected. 





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