Sprinkler Activation Report

fire sprinkler activation 

Cal Poly Dorm Fire Extinguished by Fire Sprinkler – May 15, 2013

An unattended candle caused hundreds of Cal Poly students to evacuate the student housing.  The fire was isolated to one bedroom and was quickly extinguished by the fire sprinkler.

Sprinklers Prevent Kitchen Fire from Spreading at Melbourne Apartments – May 14, 2013

Brevard County Fire-Rescue investigators credited automatic fire sprinklers with containing a kitchen fire in an apartment complex.  Initially the fire department was notified by the activated fire alarm, but then people began calling about the fire.  The sprinkler contained the fire until fire fighters could arrive to extinguish it. 

Sprinkler Extinguishes Fire in Normal Apartment – May 14, 2013

A fire ignited when cooking oil ignited on a stove top in Normal, IL.  The resident attempted to smother the fire with a towel, but it caught fire.  Then, the resident attempted to douse the flames in the sink with water, but that made the fire worse.  The resident left the apartment and the fire sprinklers activated, extinguishing the fire.

Fire Sprinklers Save Two Redmond Buildings – May 4, 2013

Two separate buildings were protected from two separate fires in Redmond.  The first saved a dog home alone.  The sprinkler activated and the activation alerted the alarm monitoring company, who sent an alert to the fire department.  When they arrived, they found that the fire was mostly extinguished and the damage was limited to the stove area, where the fire initiated; the damage was less than $4,000. 

The second protected an occupied commercial building.  When fire fighters arrived, they found that the sprinkler contained the fire to the equipment in a single room.  Damage was limited to the equipment that initiated the fire, totaling $500.

Sprinklers Credited with Keeping Mount Prospect Fire under Control – April 30, 2013 

Mount Prospect, IL fire fighters are crediting an automatic fire sprinkler for keeping a shopping center fire contained until they arrived.  The fire started in a portable sauna unit.  It appears as though the fire started accidently by an electric/mechanical malfunction of the portable sauna unit.  Fire fighters believe in this case, without the fire sprinklers, the business could have been a total loss.

Sprinkler Douses Factory Fire in West Chicago – April 26, 2013

An automatic fire sprinkler extinguished a fire at a factory in West Chicago.  The automatic fire alarm system activated at 3pm, calling fire fighters to the scene.  When they arrived, they found smoke, but the fire was extinguished.  Deputy Chief Joe Buenrosto said, “The sprinkler system did its job and saved a lot of property.”


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