Fourth Quarter Newsletter 2013


Fourth Quarter, 2013

Dear Reader:

In the fourth quarter newsletter, F.E. Moran Fire Protection would like to touch on assisted living facility fire sprinklers. The deadline for completing the fire sprinkler installation went by in August. With many senior living homes still non-compliant, we are featuring a case study that showcases how we resolved the many issues that can arise when a nursing home is occupied and partially protected with fire sprinklers and needs to add fire sprinklers to completely protect their property and become compliant.

We hope that the case study, "Bethany Terrace: Fire sprinkler installation in an existing assisted living facility" provides some much needed insight into how fire sprinkler project managers work around these common problems.




Allen Metcalfe

President, F.E. Moran Fire Protection Northern Illinois

James Heinold

President, F.E. Moran Fire Protection National


When an existing long-term care facility needed to complete their partial fire sprinkler system in an occupied facility, F.E. Moran Fire Protection and Michuda Construction worked together to solve the issues that naturally arise when working in existing, occupied spaces.


Holistic Care for Patients with Special Needs

 As a holistic, long term care facility in Morton Grove, IL, Bethany Terrace has a unique population of occupants that may complicate construction projects within the facility. Bethany Terrace caters to Alzheimer Disease and Dementia patients as well as residents who appreciate the peace of mind of having medical, rehabilitation, and therapy options close at hand. This facility is ideal for those who need assistance in day to day life. However, because of the needs of the residents, construction must be coordinated carefully in order to have little to no impact on the occupants.

 When Bethany Terrace decided to expand their fire protection system, they hired Michuda Construction to head the project. In turn, Michuda Construction hired F.E. Moran Fire Protection to design, install, and manage the fire protection project. With a reputation for quality work and respect for assisted living facility residents, F.E. Moran Fire Protection exceeded their expectations.

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ABLE Engineering and F.E. Moran Fire Protection are Proud to Announce a Joint Venture as ABLEMoran

ABLEMoran Protects Facilities from Fire through Fire Sprinkler System Inspections and Testing in the Greater Los Angeles Area Market

Los Angeles, CA - F.E. Moran Fire Protection and ABLE Engineering have joined forces as ABLEMoran to provide fire sprinkler system inspection and testing services for Los Angeles, Orange County, and Riverside County beginning August 1. With their combined expertise in fire protection, building maintenance, and operations, they join to provide full service building solutions in the California market.

ABLEMoran will be offering NFPA inspections of water-based sprinkler systems: wet sprinkler systems, dry sprinkler systems, anti-freeze systems, pre-action/deluge systems, wet standpipes, dry standpipes, fire pump testing, and private hydrant testing. ABLEMoran provides state required inspection and testing of water-based sprinkler systems in accordance with the California State Fire Marshall, Title 19, and locally enforced codes, such as the City of Los Angeles Regulation 4.

If an inspection finds a need for correction, ABLEMoran will remedy the issue quickly with their discrepancy repair services.

With the combined experience of over 130 years in the building services industry, F.E. Moran Fire Protection and ABLE Engineering is proudly joining forces as ABLEMoran to offer their fire protection expertise in the Los Angeles, Orange County, and Riverside County markets. For a no charge evaluation of your fire and life safety compliance program contact: Tom Dennis, Director of ABLEMoran at 714-497-3011 or



Everyday fire sprinklers save lives. This is a compilation of a sampling of the fire events in the third and fourth quarter of 2013 in which people and property were saved by fire sprinklers.

 Sprinkler System Spares Lakewood Strip Mall from Major Damage from Fire - July 12, 2013

 A fire started in a single business in a strip mall that contained five businesses. Due to fire sprinklers, the fire was contained to the singular business where the fire originated.

Sprinkler System Stops Apartment Fire - July 18, 2013 

A small fire that broke out at an apartment complex in Portmouth was quickly extinguished with fire sprinklers. The blaze started in the kitchen of a garden unit when a stove burner was left on. The sprinkler system in the unit activated and completely extinguished the blaze.

High School Fire Controlled with Fire Sprinklers - July 18, 2013 

Materials from a project to refinish the gym floors caught fire on July 18, 2013. A single sprinkler head activated and contained the fire to the point of origin. The damage was minimal and quickly remedied.

Fire at Storage Facility Extinguished with Fire Sprinklers - July 25, 2013 

It is not known how two units in a storage facility caught fire, but fire sprinklers were able contain the fire until fire fighters arrived and extinguished the fire in 31 minutes.

Sprinkler System Extinguished Fire at York Ave. Apartment Building - July 29, 2013 

 A fire at an apartment complex in Edina was quickly extinguished by the buildings fire sprinklers. This came approximately a year after a fire at a non-sprinklered apartment in Edina injured 3 and caused major damage.

Fire Sprinkler Contains Blaze at Dry Cleaner - August 1, 2013

A dry-cleaning business at a strip mall caught fire, but a sprinkler system activated, keeping the flames from spreading. Once fire crews arrived they were able to quickly extinguish the remaining flames.

Toddler Starts Fire, Residential Fire Sprinklers Contain It - September 19, 2013

A four year old playing with a lighter started a fire on the third floor of a home. The home fire sprinkler system contained the fire before fire fighters arrived.

Fire at a San Bernardino Therapy Center and Hospital Extinguished by Fire Sprinklers - September 21, 2013

A fire that began in the mental disease quarters was extinguished before fire fighters arrived. Battalion Chief Alan Duggan said, "Sprinkler systems, if they don't extinguish fires, keep them in check."

 Fire Sprinklers Extinguish Grease Fire at College - October 6, 2013 

A grease fire started in a college apartment building, drawing 5 fire departments to the scene. However, thanks to fire sprinklers, the flames were extinguished before their arrival.


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