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First Quarter, 2014

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Let us start with a happy New Year to all of our readers; we appreciate your continued interest in our newsletter. In the first quarter newsletter of 2014, the featured article is "The Risks of Ignoring Inspection Reports." It discusses the various fire risks in the retail market and how to ensure that fire protection is ready if a fire event happens.


We hope that this article explains the importance of following through with inspection report recommendations. With proper fire protection maintenance, you can protect people and property from fire.




Allen Metcalfe

President, F.E. Moran Fire Protection Northern Illinois



Jeffrey Keiper  

President, F.E. Moran Fire Protection National

"The phrase we tend to use is that we are deafened by silence - the silence in our house because we had a really busy house with three two year olds," said Martin Weekes, the father of triplets who perished in the Qatar mall fire that took the lives of nineteen people, including thirteen toddlers. The Qatar mall is being investigated over complaints that fire sprinklers and alarms were not working at the time of the fire. Any mall, shopping center, or retail outlet that does not fix discrepancies found in an inspection or fails to inspect according to the NFPA schedule could cause the same devastation. 

Fire Risks in the Retail Market

Retail centers, shops, and malls have unique fire protection issues. The property is packed with merchandise and flammable display materials, making conflagration a definite possibility. On top of the flammable materials, synthetic partition walls and high shelving impedes firefighting efforts and eases the spread of fire. However, working fire sprinklers installed in a retail center will confine fires to the point of origin 94% of the time, greatly reducing damage.

There are 105,000 shopping centers in the United States with an average of 105 stores per mall. If a fire devastated the mall, the local economy could crumble with people out of work and businesses forced out of town. In addition to the possibility of economic strife, an unprotected shopping center is a risk to employees and shoppers. 97 million people frequent malls monthly; protect them by ensuring fire protection systems are in working condition.


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Everyday fire sprinklers save lives. This is a compilation of a sampling of the fire events in the first quarter of 2014 and fourth quarter of 2013 in which people and property were saved by fire sprinklers.





Iconic Manhattan Macy's Store Saved by Fire Sprinkler - October 26, 2013 


There was a miracle on 34th Street when fire sprinklers extinguished a basement fire at the Macy's Department Store. The fire broke out at 8pm, when the store was filled with shoppers. All shoppers and employees evacuated and no one was injured.



Sprinkler Contains Portland Apartment Fire - October 28, 2013 


An unattended cooking fire occurred in a second floor apartment in Portland on October 28th. The buildings fire sprinklers and smoke alarms activated and extinguished the fire. Deputy Chief David Jackson said, "The systems worked exactly as they should have," Jackson said. "The residents did what they were supposed to and we had a less serious outcome here."



Murfreesboro Apartment Fire Controlled by Fire Sprinklers - October 30, 2013 


A fire began in the kitchen of a unit in the apartment complex. Fire Captain Mark McCluskey said, "The sprinkler system kept fire damage to a minimum."




Sprinkler System Douses Multi-family Structure - November 7, 2013


An automatic sprinkler system extinguished a fire at a multi-unit home near downtown Huntington Beach. The fire was extinguished before firefighters arrived.


Charlottesville Auto Body Shop Fire Extinguished by Fire Sprinklers - November 8, 2013 


A paint booth caught fire at an auto body shop in Charlottesville. Employees were able to evacuate the building without injury due to the fire sprinklers activating properly. If the fire sprinklers had not contained the fire, it could have been disastrous. In the corner of the booth, flammable chemicals were stored. If the fire reached the chemicals, a large explosion would have occurred, according to Robert Pleasant, an employee on site.


Fire Sprinkler Extinguishes Fire at a SC Hospital - November 21, 2013


Authorities are investigating a fire that ignited inside a woman's restroom at a SC hospital. Charleston Firefighters arrived within four minutes of receiving the call; however, the fire sprinklers largely extinguished the fire.


Winooski Residential Fire Contained by Fire Sprinklers - November 21, 2013 


A fire began when a resident was smoking a cigarette in bed and the mattress caught fire. "Because it was a sprinkler building, it [the fire sprinklers] were able to keep the fire in check," Winooski Assistant Fire Chief Erika Bailey explained.



Sprinklers Praised for Halting Downtowner Fire - December 26, 2013 


A fire sprinkler is being credited for extinguishing a Christmas Eve fire at an assisted living facility before firefighters arrived. The Fire Department Public Information Officer Brad McCollum said, "Upon entering the apartment, they found an overstuffed chair and end tables that had sustained damage from a fire that had been completely extinguished by the sprinkler system."


Sprinkler Douses Small Fire at Casino Facility - December 28, 2013 


The Chumash Casino and Resort's sprinkler system doused a small fire in the cardboard baler room. The fire was extinguished before firefighters arrived.


Sprinklers and Firefighters Save Cape Coral from Fire - January 8, 2014 


A kitchen fire broke out in a Cape Coral complex while a resident was cooking greasy food on the stove. A single sprinkler head activated and extinguished the fire. City Fire Marshal Alan Carter said, "Without fire sprinklers and quick extinguishment, this could have easily been a fire that could cause a very significant loss from fire, displaced twelve families, and potential loss of life."

Sprinklers Put Out Grease Fire in Scottsdale Apartment - January 13, 2014


A grease fire in a Scottsdale apartment was extinguished by a sprinkler before firefighters could arrive. This is the latest example of the impact fire sprinklers have had on Scottsdale since the city had mandated fire sprinkler systems. In 1985, Scottsdale made an ordinance requiring every commercial and multi-family home have a complete sprinkler system installed and all single family homes built after 1986 were required to be built with fire sprinklers.

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