F.E. Moran Fire Protection serves the industrial, commercial, retail, healthcare, education, andconstruction residential markets, providing solutions for facilities' fire protection needs. Building owners will reap many benefits from installing fire protection solutions.

Sprinkler systems save lives; there has never been a multiple person death on record due to fire in a building with a sprinkler system. An added benefit is sprinkler systems save building owners money through multiple avenues. Sprinkler systems produce less water than fire department issued equipment, resulting in less water damage to the property and merchandise. Additionally, building owners can expect a substantial insurance discount for having a sprinkler system. With an insurance discount and tax credits, facilities end up quickly recouping their investment from installing sprinkler systems.

Residential - Single and Multi-Family Homes

Fire is the third highest cause of death in the home. Every 169 minutes someone is fatally wounded and every 30 minutes someone is injured by fire in the home. Having proper fire protection solutions dramatically reduces the likelihood of becoming injured due to fire in a residence.

Retails Centers

Retail centers have unique structural designs and needs. They often have synthetic partition walls, high shelving, and plastics that encourage the spread of fire. However, with the use of a sprinkler system, 94% of fires in retail centers stay confined.


Commercial facilities are deceivingly complex in regards to fire protection.


Industrial facilities have specific hazards that require specific expertise. F.E. Moran Fire Protection is knowledgeable in the most current NFPA codes and the nuances of industrial facilities with experience that spans across the country.

Storage Occupancies - Warehouses, Distribution Centers, Storage Buildings

Fires in storage occupancies present a unique challenge to fire protection solutions. Stacking arrangements are necessary, but they also require specific fire protection.

Institutional - Healthcare

Healthcare institutions are distinctive due to the human component. Patients may not be mobile, so it is essential to work with an informed fire protection solution provider.

Institutional - Education

With special architectural needs, an educational institution's fire protection solutions must be able to be customized to the facility's unique specifications.

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