Man, Woman Die in Christmas Day House Fire

Posted: 12/28/2015

Man, Woman Die in Christmas Day House Fire | The Moran Group

Rio Grande Valley, TX -- A man and a woman were killed in a Christmas Day fire.

Investigators believe that the fire ignited when someone turned on a stove while a propane tank was leaking.  Nine people were injured in the fire and two people died.

Neighbors could hear the explosion and came running from their homes to help.  "There were people running out of the house burned all over," said Jose Guevara, a neighbor.  Guevara said that he and other neighbors tried to help a disabled man escape through a window.

At the time of the fire, nine people were in the home.  Everyone was injured and two people, Juan Ramon Leo, 28, and Geneses Gonzalez, 25, died of their injuries the following day.

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