WIRED: Hey Guess What Killing Bugs With a Fire is Still a Bad Idea

Posted: 11/4/2015

Wired:  Hey, guess what?  Killing bugs with fire is still a bad idea | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

In honor of the Darwin Awards, WIRED has come up with the Exothermic Entomology Award (EE Award).  This award is for all of those people who try to kill bugs with fire and it ends up in disastrous results.

Snippet from WIRED: 

Whenever I post a beautiful photo of a spider or insect, the first comment is usually “Kill it with Fire!” As I first explained in 2013, that’s a terrible idea. Yet humans continue to reach new, creative heights of idiocy in their attempts to apply cleansing fire to problems that don’t require incineration in the first place.

The Darwin Awards exist for just this level of stupidity, although one only “wins” that award by dying. Fatalities are thankfully rare in the category of Incompetent Pest Control, but the amount of butt-headedness is remarkable. I hereby propose a new award: The Exothermic Entomology Award, for exceptionally bad judgement in killing invertebrates with fire. 

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