Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance Sell Sheet

Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance 

Inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) is an integral part of a facilities fire protection plan. Not only is regular testing and inspections necessary to remain compliant according to the NFPA, but it also guarantees in the event of a fire, your facilities' fire protection system will activate, protecting employees, property, and production from fire. With F.E. Moran Fire Protection, facilities can count on proactive support.

Track Inspection Schedule - F.E. Moran Fire Protection tracks a facility's system inspection schedule and will inform them when it is time for an inspection to remain compliant.

On-the-spot Maintenance - when an inspector finds a maintenance need, F.E. Moran Fire Protection inspection personnel will provide maintenance needs immediately. They bring a stocked truck, and can easily make minor repairs, assuring the safety of site personnel.

Documented Compliance - Inspectors use a tablet to create compliance documentation without delay. The inspection documentation can be electronically sent to facility managers immediately.

Save Time & Money - with regular inspections, minor maintenance issues are found early and can be remedied before they turn into a large, expensive problem that could potentially cause a fire sprinkler or detection failure in the event of a fire. When fire protection systems have regular ITM scheduled, they significantly reduce the cost of property damage in the event of a fire.

NICET Certified Inspectors - F.E. Moran Fire Protection employs NICET level II certified inspectors per Illinois code. NICET is a nationally recognized certification program, and ensures your inspector is a technical expert and knowledgeable of current codes.

NFPA Report on the reduction in property damage when a water-based fire sprinkler is present during a fire:
- Public Assembly Buildings: 75% reduction in property damage cost.
- Educational Property: 59% reduction in property damage.
- Healthcare Property: 61% reduction in property damage.
- Residential Property: 61% reduction in property damage.
- Commercial Facilities: 23% reduction in property damage.
- Manufacturing Facilities: 37% reduction in property damage.

System Readiness - regular inspections, testing, and maintenance ensures that a fire sprinkler and detection system is ready to activate properly in the event of a fire. Property owners and managers can breathe easy knowing that if a fire ignited, it will be extinguished or contained to the point of origin 96% of the time.

inspection, testing, and maintenance for fire protection 

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