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Abbott Laboratories

F.E. Moran Fire Protection is one of two required contractors.Senior Living Facility

Location:  Abbott Park, IL; North Chicago, IL
Owner:  Abbott Laboratories
Date:  2007 - Present
Scope - Systems & Services:

- FM 200 systems
- Integrated compressed air foam systems
- Pre-action systems
- Dry-type systems
- Wet-type sprinklers  

Baxter Health Care

F.E. Moran Fire Protection is the preferred fire protection contractor.

Location:  Round Lake, IL
Owner:  Baxter Health Care
Date:  2007 - Present
Scope - Systems & Services:

- Pre-action systems
- Dry-type systems
- Wet-type systems

Heritage Nursing Home

Replacement of sprinkler system in existing nursing home.

Location:  Normal, IL
Owner:  Heritage Enterprises
Date:  2011-2012
Scope - Systems & Services:

- Complete replacement of dry system piping
- Testing of existing dry pendent sprinklers and replacement
- Additional systems added to improve trip time  

Iroquois Memorial Hospital

Retrofit at three story hospital

Location:  Watseka, IL
Owner:  Iroquois Memorial
Date:  2008 - 2012
Scope - Systems & Services:

- Retrofit entire facility
- Multiple wet type sprinkler systems  

Riverside Memorial

Five-story hospital addition with basement

Location:  Kankakee, IL
Owner:  RUSH Systems Healthcare
Date:  2010 - 2012
Scope - Systems & Services:

- New fire pump and feed piping
- Standpipes
- Floor control station
- Remodel existing building areas
- Seismic bracing of piping  

Senior Healthcare Facilitiesassisted living facility fire protection

Retrofit to existing nursing homes.

Location:  Carbondale, IL; Ridgway, IL; Anna, IL; Cobden, IL; Marion, IL
Owner:  Senior Healthcare
Date:  2011 - 2012
Scope - Systems & Services:

- Retrofit wet-type sprinkler systems in existing nursing homes 






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