Fourth Quarter 2012 Newsletter

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4th Quarter, 2012

Dear Reader:

In our inaugural Fire Protection Press newsletter, we would like to thank each of you for your interest in learning about fire protection solutions. An average of 2,650 people die each year by fire, but with fire sprinklers, the chances of a fire fatality is reduced by 80%. Our mission is to keep people and property safe and we hope this newsletter provides insight into the value of thorough fire protection.

In this issue, we will explore the benefits of our free fire protection inspection program in the case study, "VIP Program Case Study." F.E. Moran Fire Protection believes in the utility of regular inspections to the extent of providing them for free to ensure the activation of fire protection equipment in the event of a fire.

As a quarterly feature, the "Sprinkler Activation Report" will showcase the past quarter's best examples of fire sprinkler activation and the results.
We hope the Fire Protection Press provides you with a better understanding of the benefits of fire protection solutions.


Allen Metcalfe

President, F.E. Moran Fire Protection Northern Illinois

James Heinold

President, F.E. Moran Fire Protection National


VIP Case Study

A struggling American economy forced businesses into a less than desired approach to fire protection inspections, potentially putting the safety of themselves and the public at risk. F.E. Moran, Inc. Fire Protection liberated these malls and shopping centers from their reluctant inaction toward fire protection solution maintenance with the Very Important Partners (VIP) program.

The Great Recession

According to the U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research, the Great Recession began in December, 2007. Since then, many malls found it infeasible to maintain their fire sprinkler inspection schedule. One mall, located in Chicago Ridge, IL was among the malls striving to continue their proper fire sprinkler inspection schedule. Since 1981, this mall has been providing a home for over 120 retailers in the Midwest. While malls and shopping centers throughout Illinois were faced with diminishing fire protection budgets, this retailer hub chose to partner with F.E. Moran Fire Protection for an innovative solution.

Mall Fire Protection Budgets Slashed

Beginning in 2008, shoppers were disappearing. The once bustling malls of America were now sparse. Malls and shopping centers were cash strapped. This caused a snowball effect; proper fire protection inspection schedules were no longer feasible. Proper Quarterly inspections became once every six months or even once every year. Issues found during the rare inspections were improperly remedied instead of rehabilitated by a professional.


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fire sprinkler report

Everyday fire sprinklers save lives. This is a compilation of a sampling of the fire events in the fourth quarter of 2012 in which people and property were saved by fire sprinklers.


Amtech Corporation - October 16, 2012

A fiberglass manufacturing plant fire was quickly extinguished with the fire protection sprinkler system. Nine firefighters were called to the manufacturing facility when the fire began in a room where fiberglass and resin molds were made. The believed fire source was a spontaneous fire caused from fiberglass and resin buildup. The fire was extinguished by the time firefighters arrived.

Palm Springs Medical Office Saved by Fire Sprinklers - October 17, 2012

While a plumber was soldering a copper pipe with a torch, the sparks ignited a blaze in a vacant suite of a medical office. Battalion Chief Jason Loya determined that the quick reaction of the building's fire sprinkler system saved an estimated 90% of the building.

East Peoria Community High School - October 18, 2012

A suspicious fire in East Peoria, IL was quickly extinguished with the use of fire sprinklers. Fire fighters arrived quickly, but the sprinklers already extinguished the fire. Superintendent Chuck Nagel said, "The sprinkler and fire alarm system worked perfectly, and the students were already outside when we arrived, so that was good."

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