Fireworks Spark 2,500-acre Fire

Posted: 7/1/2016

Fireworks Spark 2500-acre Fire

Boise, ID -- Investigators have confirmed that fireworks are the cause of the fire that sparked 2,500 acres.  

The fire charred all 2,500 acres, destroyed a home, and an additional outbuilding.  Boise resident Taylor Kemp was taking photographs of a storm when he saw people lighting fireworks near the area.

"There were people up there shooting off fireworks - morters, the ones that will go up in the air," said Kemp.  He saw one of the fireworks shoot into the dry field and immediately start on fire.  "As soon as it happened, they booked it."

Kemp called the fire department and tried to put out the flames while he waited for them to arrive.

The fire began at midnight.  By 11am, it was 60% contained.

Read the full story here. 

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