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Concordia University

Provided infrastructure and retro-fit for seven dormitory buildings.

Location:  River Forest, IL
Owner:  Concordia University
Date:  2010
Scope - Systems & Services:

- New fire sprinkler water supply for several buildings
- Installed complete wet-pipe sprinkler system throughout seven existing dormitory buildings  high school fire protection

Delta Gamma Sorority Retro-Fit

Existing three story sorority house.  

Location:  DeKalb, IL
Owner:  Delta Gamma
Date:  2010
Scope - Systems & Services:

- Complete fire sprinkler system
- Fire alarm system and incoming water supply

Delta Zeta Sorority Retro-Fit

Existing three story sorority house.

Location:  DeKalb, IL
Owner:  Delta Gamma
Date:  2012
Scope - Systems & Services:

- Complete fire sprinkler system
- Fire alarm system and incoming water supply

DePaul University

New sprinkler system in several buildings and dormitories.

Location:  Chicago, IL
Owner:  DePaul University
Date:  2005 - 2010
Scope - Systems & Services:

- Provide new water supply
- Install complete wet-type sprinkler system in several existing and new buildings and dormitories.  

North Central College

New four story residence and recreational building project with an added maintenance and inspection service agreement.

Location:  Naperville, IL
Owner:  North Central College
Date:  2009
Scope - Systems & Services: 

- Completed fire sprinkler system for field house and dorm rooms
- Wet standpipe system
- Fast track design build
- Complete fire sprinkler and alarm inspection for fifteen owned buildings

Olivet Nazarene University

Student housing with multiple dorms, apartments, and houses.

Location:  Bourbonnais, IL
Owner:  ONU
Date:  2001 - Present
Scope - Systems & Services:

- Multiple sprinkler systems to inspect, test, and maintain per ongoing service agreement to meet NFPA #13 and #13R requirements  

Saint Xavier University

Retrofit of a sprinkler system in Pacelli Hall, Regina Hall, and 10140 Pulaski.

Location:  Chicago, IL
Owner:  Saint Xavier University
Date:  2007 - 2012
Scope - Systems & Services:

- Provided new water supply
- Installed complete wet-type sprinkler system throughout three existing dormitories.  

Seneca Grade School, North Campus

Addition and renovation to grade school.

Location:  Seneca, IL
Owner:  Seneca School District
Date:  2011 - 2012
Scope - Systems & Services: 

- Fiberglass tank for fire protection water supply and underground supply piping
- Vertical Turbine Fire Pump
- Wet-type sprinkler systems in new addition and retrofit in existing building
- Remove existing pre-action system and replace with wet-type  

University of Illinois

Clean agent gas fire protection in Everitt Labs, Henry Administration, CITES, and Government Affairs computer rooms.

Location:  Champaign, IL
Owner:  University of Illinois
Date:  2008 - 2011
Scope - Systems and Services:

- Pre-action sprinkler system
- Fike ECARO25 clean agent gas systems in each computer room
- Detection and releasing panels
- Abort and manual release stations

University of Illinois, remote library

Design-build project with Korte and Petry Kuhne through CDB Climate controlled mass storage of library books in a building with a 45' high ceiling with high racking.  Phase three has high motorized moveable racks to optimize space.

Location:  Champaign, IL
Date:  2008 & 2011
Scope - Systems & Services: 

- K25 ESFR sprinkler systems
- Upgrade fire pump with transfer switch for emergency power
- VESDA air aspirating detection






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