Chicago Area Lumber Yard Fire Reaches 3-11

Posted: 10/20/2015

Chicago Area Lumber Yard Catches Fire | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Chicago, IL -- Firefighters are battling a lumber yard fire that rekindled.

The 2-11 fire ignited at 5:25am at Harry's Lumber Company and then reignited at 7:00am.  At that time, it was upgraded to a 3-11 alarm fire.  Thick plumes of smoke rose from the building and structure.

Firefighters are working to get the fire under control.  

The fire department has asked the Metra to shut down the Union Pacific-Northwest line because crews needed to run extra lines and hoses around the area to get the fire under control.

This lumber yard has experienced a fire before.  It was completely destroyed in 1990.

No one was hurt in either fire. 


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