Binghampton University Resident Assistants Get Fire Training

Posted: 8/17/2016

Binghampton University RAs get fire training

Binghampton, NY -- Sunday is move-in day at Binghampton University, and the new resident assistants are getting hands on fire training from the local fire department.

James Rea, the university's fire safety system coordinator stressed the imporance of RA's to make sure resident's didn't have fire hazardous items in their dorm rooms.  "They can't have candles lit or unlit, extension cords, no extension cords of any kind, you can't have tapestries on the wall that are untreated," said Rea.

The RA's learned how to operate fire extinguishers as well as learning about fire codes and fire sprinklers.

"We teach them what to do when there is a fire alarm, when that fire alarm goes off, evacuate, get out stay out until we give them the okay to go back in," said Rea.

The RA's learned that many of the fires start in the kitchen.  "The fire chief told us that with kitchen safety, one of the bigger problems is not reading the instructions properly on packaging.  With popcorn, putting it the right side up, putting water in the mac and cheese when you put it in the microwave, can really make a big difference," said Victoria Velasquez, resident assistant. 

In addition to fire safety in the dorms, parents and students should seek out dorms or off-campus housing that has fire sprinklers.  Fire sprinklers quickly contain the fire and reduce the chances of dying in a fire by 82%. 


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