5 People Killed in Apartment without Smoke Detectors

Posted: 10/21/2015

Residential Fire Kills 5 | F.E. Moran Fire Protection | Residential Fire Sprinklers

Maysville, KY -- Five people were killed in an accidental fire at a row house in Kentucky.

The fire broke out at 1am on Tuesday on an enclosed back porch of a row house.  It was quick moving and moved to two other houses before being extinguished by firefighters.  The fire killed a woman, her three children, and a neighbor.

A surviving neighbor said that the mother went back inside to get her kids.  "We were saying, 'God, no, God, no,' and knew she wasn't coming back out," said Ruth Austen, neighbor.

The father of the children and two of his other children survived.

"I looked out the back window and it was light, as bright as hell and I opened the back door and smoke just rolled in.  I walked down the back steps and looked around the corner and this one behind me was fully engulfed in the back.  I went back inside, called 911, told them where the fire was, and I headed out the front door," continued Austen.

The victims were the neighbor, Larry Brickels, 68; Lori Doppelheuer (mother), 35; and the three children:  Christopher, 10; Egan, 3; and Kieran, 1.  Christopher Hargis and his two older daughters escaped the fire.  Hargis tried to go back in for his wife and children, but a wall of fire blocked him.  Blisters from the heat were on his hands and face as he was interviewed.

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